At the Layabouts, we do not believe in strict regulation of our content by age. Maturity and impressionability varies between individuals, and it needs to be up to the parent to make an informed decision about the appropriateness of the material for their child. That said, we offer our Layabouts Rating system as a GUIDELINE to anyone unsure of what to expect.

Rated G

A general (G) rating means that this content should be, generally, suitable for anyone. May contain slapstick, mild crude humor, or mild cartoon violence at worst.

Similar to: ESRB E, MPAA G/low PG, BBFC U or PG

Rated T

A teen (T) rating means that the content may not be suitable for younger children, and may contain mild language (h-e-double-hockey-sticks, the synonym for donkey... you get the point), stronger but unrealistic violence, cruder humor, or mild sexual themes, but nothing unsuitable for an average 12-year-old.

Similar to: ESRB E10+ or T, MPAA high PG/low PG-13, BBFC 12A

Rated M

A mature (M) rating means there could be more realistic violence (including blood), stronger sexual themes (still not super risqué though), profanity, and horror (but not explicit gore).

Similar to: low ESRB M, MPAA high PG-13, BBFC 15

Rated A

An adult (A) rating means there could be gory violence, overt sexual content (short of porn, mind you -- The Layabouts will never make porn), and the strongest levels of profanity. Viewer discretion is heavily advised.

Similar to: high ESRB M, MPAA R, BBFC 18