Nate Wiesel Rated G


Connie Brand Corn Dogs Commercial

December 4th, 2010

Rated G for:

Suitable For All Audiences

Nate Wiesel: Writing/Editing/Recording

So, this was a video Nate did for a school project a few weeks back. Connie, the inventor of what is objectively the greatest brand of corn dogs on the face of the earth, Miss America 1973, and proud owner of the scariest smile to ever grace the face of a human being, happens to be a teacher of Nate's. A teacher that he can replicate the voice of rather well, and tends to often do for shits and giggles. Are you noticing a trend here? Also, this is remake of a video he did last year for similar reasons. Connie has never seen the commercials in question, or heard Nate do the voice. BUT SOON SHE WILL LEARN, AND THEN THE DAY OF CONNIE WILL ARRIVE! AND IT IS THEN THAT YOU WILL ALL SEE!! But until then, why not sit back and enjoy this fine advert?