Deft Beck

Spatial Delivery

Chapter 6

April 2nd, 2011

Rated T for:

Mild Language

Deft Beck: Author

(Description forthcoming.)

What was I supposed to do?

I could just run away, after all, it's not like there was anyone else around.

I look to the corner of the tall building on the corner. Sure, there's always those cameras on the corners, but I was out of their sight when it happened. Still, I should be careful, lest I get in more trouble.

This is just sad. Normally, I would just shrug and walk away, drinking a smoothie or something equally sugary from Despacio's as I wandered around the desolate streets. But now, I just felt sorry for the guy. Maybe there's a way I could help.

I walk around to Newcastle's back and lift up his coat to look for inputs. Nothing. My phone comes next, whipping it out from my belt clip, set on the belt that was Robin's weapon a week ago. Peering down at the screen, I poke my way to the communications settings. Maybe I could establish a feed from my eyes to his. It could prove to be annoying, but there weren't many immediate options.

Sure enough, the guy was broadcasting an open link. I blinked for a second and took this revelation in. None of these government 'bots were open like this. Who is this guy? I don't know how, but the link was made automatically, and Newcastle responded immediately.

“fEED ESTABLISHed. aWATING COMMAndssss,” chimed the detective.

“Okay, so what I see, you see,” I state to his presence behind me.

“CORRECT,” he responds, leaving just enough space for a good old awkward pause. All the while, I'm glancing toward the opposite end of Auger.

I can hear a clanking noise arrive from the horizon. All of a sudden, my good friend Dio comes down the street in a pair of skin-tight jogging pants in our general direction. I wonder...

“Newcastle, follow,” I said, with conviction. It's time to take charge.

“unDERSTOOD,” the detective spat out as he whirred forward.