Deft Beck

Spatial Delivery

Chapter 3

March 13th, 2011

Rated T for:

Mild Language

Deft Beck: Author

Put me to sleep; I must be awake.

Mmmmmmrgrghrh, Soooooooooooo tired. I'm just floating in a pillowly wonderland here. Wwwwhat time is-

Holy hell, I've been asleep. Twelve hours? Is there such a thing as shuttle-lag? I'm gonna be a koala at this rate.

Where is she? Her laundry doesn't usually take this long. Her side of the bed is all neat and tucked in, which is weird. Is she out?

My phone's glowing, so I grope for it from the bed, picking it up to check my messages.

Okay, there's got to be something going on with all of these signs. First the package, then the advertisement, now this spam email?

“At the bottom we once stood, but our rise arrives soon. We shall make waves into this new culture.”

‘New culture?’ I don't even know. The address is garbage. All I do know is that I have to get down there and find her.

God, this elevator is so slow, come on already! I tap my foot for a moment before pulling out my phone again. No new messages from her since before I got home last night. Come on, come on, come on.

I can't lose her; she's my lifeline, both my guardian to the stars and the ground to the worries that course through me like a current. Why am I getting poetic all of a sudden? Gotta keep cool, man, cool.

I dash out of the elevator and towards the exit, nearly trampling a guy in a trenchcoat who was just standing in the lobby, get out of my way!

I push through the door and run down the block to the cleaners, two blocks away. I'm a block down before I see a land booster tear down the street through a red light (Hell if holograms would help him there). Did that kind of stuff always happen around here, or is the tempo just up because-

Oh my god, what the hell. Is that the guy from the subway? As I stare from less than a block away, I see that he's being addressed by another guy, who's- wait, is that an android? A full blown, gears-and-everything automaton? I can almost see right through to the sidewalk that lies in front of the cleaners.

The subway guy charges at the android and forces him to the ground in a grapple. He pulls out what looks like a phone, tied to wires from that suitcase. The ground shakes, and I feel it from where I'm standing, or should I say ‘lurching.’

Android down, smacking onto the pavement, and I'm out of here. I dash down the street, heading for the duos, fearing for my life. I notice that the guy from the lobby seems to be moving down the street at a pretty fast click, in my direction. Did he know about-, was he- What the hell is going on?

I take a moment to catch my breath, practically wheezing at this point. Suddenly, my phone makes a chime, scaring the shit out of me. I don't have a moment to spare before the trenchcoat guy is right in front of me, staring with those ruby-red liquid crystals of his.

I didn't blink for a second.