Simon Flavelle Rated G


Generic CAW feat. Raocow - Set Mix

July 10th, 2012

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Rated G for:

Suitable For All Audiences

Simon Flavelle: DJ

GUYS IT'S AN HOUR. Just so you know.

Right up there on my list of "silly things I do when I'm bored".

For those not in the know: Raocow is a french-canadian Let's Player that I follow who (especially in previous years) was well known for being quite spontaneous and random. He's certainly a good LPer on his own, but some of the things he has said has been turned into music courtesy of Generic CAW, as well as other fans.

I spontaneously decided to do an updated version of an old set I never uploaded and release it to the internet. This SHOULD include pretty much every Raocow song that GCAW has made (including the "Unused Songs") except for 'The Dove Song'.

So whether you love Raocow songs, think I'm crazy for making a set out of this stuff, or just want something to listen to, I hope you guys enjoy listening to this. :)